Thursday, October 17, 2013

A British teacher murdered in Doha

It was a terrible spot on the Eid celebrations that shocked all the community  .A young British Girl aged 24 found dead in Doha -most probably murdered /raped -brought to a wrong house -as her last text message said .The official news are not very clear . The rumor says she was found near la Cigale garbage /other claim she was thrown into the desert .
Some speaks about a local ex-boyfriend who escaped to Saudi Arabia -and about other local guy who tried to save her by beating a taxi driver .
All that seems sure now that she went to a night club then left with two men then she was found dead .

A young most probably naive girl  - I know this age well .It must be very hard to live so far from the family and making right decisions when one feels lone  in a city .She made a mistake when returning home she got into a taxi with two men and the male driver and she payed a horrifying price for it . She will be missed by  her family and at her work .And it is  terrible feeling for everyone who has heart /who has a child to read about this homicide .
I hope that the one who did it will be caught and he will pay price too on his turn .I hope also that the night taxi drivers who harass female passengers will be found and punished .

 It was just less than a year ago that  another  teacher-  an American one - was murdered in her own home by an African security guard .

Murders used to be uncommon in Qatar , A decade ago there was one murder per year .Now it is higher most probably still low by international standards .But even so  One is too much !

The rules for the girls of  travelling by taxi /hitch-hike  Do Not Enter any car with more than one male in .

It happened to me in Qatar that a stupid taxi driver picked up an extra passenger -a man  - without asking my permission .I left the car at once .They did not look dangerous to me but I always keep myself to this rule .Better safe than sorry ,. Girls  listen to your mothers !

UPDATE  - the COURT hearing :
 two local men are the accused ones  -no names are given ,no jobs ,no age .. while  every small details about the victim is published .. how sad ....
 the killers must be punished
but who are they ? the society should be informed about their identity I think .
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More details about the night when this  naive young woman was killed - friend of her Lea Monet tells about it

The trial of the murder started  - two Qatari men is accused of the murder - for more details about the court hearing  click  here .

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