Monday, May 27, 2013

the safety of our kids in Qatar

 This country is work in progress  -   everywhere  constructions  Half -ready buildings  , buildings to be destroyed or being destroyed . I have been reading the news for more than ten  years and I remember many accidents where the victims were kids .
 More than ten years ago a Pakistani boy was going to the grocery  when  a four wheeler  hit him while walking at the sidewalk .He died . A three years old little girl died some 8 years ago while walking in the Corniche  with his parents and touched an uncovered lamp post  .Lamp posts in the street with naked wires and no cover are  not a rare thing to see around here  !  Even nowadays after that tragedy !

I just wonder who takes those covers off  and why nobody cares at the municipality !  Then the uncovered manholes  ! They took the life of a little child  last year -  not in a poorly lit suburb but in  front of a Hotel's main entrance    in the center of the city !Similar  horror happened  in  Wakra as well .

 The little Sudani girl survived  when she   fell into the lift shaft   at the hospital   while her mum was waiting at the pharmacy ...

 This country is safe . If you leave your belongings in the car  then most probably  nobody will   steal it . Burglary is not common . But on the other hand  negligence  can cause a lots of tragedy .I forgot to mention that  workers   tend just  to throw  unwanted things out of the building  including   bags full of cement .

 Living in a small town in Hungary  I  could send my ten year old to  school alone / shopping in the supermarket  or to visit  grandma . Here I do not dare . Sometimes I  think I should give her more freedom .   Then my motherly instinct does not allow me to do so .  This is the city   full of single males /constructions and unpredictable  dangers which can happen   due to the transitional state of this country .Unfortunately   it s very difficult to let them have life experience .

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