Sunday, May 12, 2013

Double check the cars and buses - NO ONE IS LEFT THERE

It is almost three years that a lovely four year old was forgotten on the school bus in the scorching heat of Doha May - and got baked alive .Remembering Sarah Gazdhar  is  very important .  Are the best people  employed as school bus drivers nowadays ? Selected ones with big experience and trained for this special jobs ? Unfortunately not . Somewhere I read that local authorities  found schools where the drivers did not even have legal status in this country . Runaway  workers who  take up a job for a short time and satisfied with little money .We as parents have little  say /knowledge about that . It is very important to teach your child to  take care of each other .For nobody should be left behind because some adults are lazy to do a one-minute-job to check the bus .God save us all from such terrible event !

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