Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Longer maternity leave planned for more breastfed babies

I am always shocked to see how short the maternity leave is in Qatar . In Hungary mothers can stay at home for years and they get some kind of allocations  during those years .Now  some experts think Qatari working women should have a longer leave .

 It's the norm to stay at home in Hungary with little kids for three years . Here it is just some weeks - I guess - the American model is followed .

 The percentage of breastfeeding mothers is very low here .

 People in my home think the opposite about Arab mothers .They think Arab mothers are more traditional and they certainly   breastfeed . Unfortunately it is not the case .

 The hospital staff is poorly trained as well when it comes about teaching new moms how to breastfeed . My personal experience was that they  just throw the baby into the arm of the exhausted  mother . Just six hours after the C -section  came a nurse  and threw my baby into my weak arms and gave the order ; Feed your Baby !  She was talking to me as to a criminal who must be reminded to the law . I was horrified . I was still very weak after / suffering from motion sickness  / needles in my arm . I was screaming " Take away the baby - I can not even hold him "  Then they took  the baby angrily and came a doctor with serious face  reminding me to my duty of breastfeeding.

 This is not the way . Friendly approach needed from experienced and well trained female staff .Not orders but sisterly advice .

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