Saturday, May 25, 2013

The First Qatari at the top of Mount Everest

He is a lover of mountains previously climbed up  the Mont Blanc , Kilimanjaro and other peaks around the world . He is Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulla Al Thani  coming from the upper ten  of the local society  . He  was promoting  the  charity organization Rota .  He climbed with Raed Zidan , Masoud Mohammad, Raha Muharrak ,Elia Saikaly .

Congratulations  !

My  cousin    conquered  in March a nearly 5000 meter peak  ...She has never been so high before and she was over fifty when it happened .I was very happy for her success  .
Much of this victory is due to the Serpas . They fix the ropes , they carry the luggage , they go to rescue, they know the mountains , they take care of every step of the strangers .They eventually die during all this .Their names  rarely make headlines but they are a must for  hikers .   Some  Hungarian hikers just disappeared  some days before  the  Qatari victory  while coming  down the Everest .Above 8 000 meters . That day 11 people reached the peak and five of them died .It is a dangerous sport indeed . But even more dangerous when climbers  want to save money and  leave the Serpas out of their climb . This is what happened to the Hungarians .

Raha Muharrak  the first Saudi woman to reach the highest peak of the world .

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