Saturday, May 18, 2013

Harbor Fish Market - take-away restaurant

Harbor  - take-away  restaurant  . It is a small new place at Badriya signal at a new half-ready shopping corner in Bin Mahmoud . It  has retro interior design -very nice old photos /graphics /metal sail boat  and the  available fishes displayed .Even the staff is wearing sailor suit .Though it has  a few chairs if you wish to eat there but basically it is a take-away place .

After all this pleasant look the staff is not very professional . Their menu is coming with selected fish from the Mediterranean / from Local fish  market  with rice and salad .  They forgot the salad twice out of three orders . How unprofessional they are !Once they  started to  fight with each other over how to cut a fish . It happened in front of my husband who understood very well their Egyptian dialect .

After all - the menu  meal was excellent . The fish came out tender and firm and with spices going very well with the fish and with the spicy brown rice and the green salad . It tastes   good  like a home-style Egyptian dish  though I must admit I do not know well  the Egyptian cuisine .

I can suggest this place if you are bored with the usual  copy-cat restaurants in Doha . It is affordable and healthy .  When taking the meal -  double check the paper bags  to see that nothing is missing .

Summary : Interior design/decoration    five stars
                  the Food quality                   five stars
                  service                                  two stars

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