Sunday, June 17, 2012

Reliable teacher to leave our kids with

After that 13 kids-all the kids- died in Villaggio  creche/day care center in a slow spreading fire where it would have been so easy to escape if if if.... I do not want to repeat myself ....
The teachers did not recognize the danger  in time / plus there was a stupid one who told them that the fire was put out .... then  they remained there "it was just a small fire" for 15 minutes when already it was too late to come out .
It was not like the Mexico nursery fire in 2009 that the burning roof fell on the sleeping kids ....where there was a fire exit just closed and they did not find the key ....there was no other exit here ...but the children died not by the fire but by the smoke ...
So I am thinking so much about the importance of the teachers problem solving abilities .Here the anglosaxon expats prefer the maids/babysitters from Phillippines "because they have so much more mind than the other Asians" I think this bias comes simply from the fact that they are both Christians and they would hate to admit about a Muslim teacher/maid/babysitter that she is good .Or they are just simply afraid of them .
We can see that this general views on nations/religions does not lead to any good .We should judge everyone according to the content of his/her character  not by the nationality....But how can we do so ? I am coming from a small town . Everybody knows the teachers -easy to ask about her/him . Here people just come and go and this is a city. And even during school year teachers are changed -many times without any explanation /even without informing the parents .So how can we find the right teacher who would save our kids in case that anything unexpected ? How can we find the right teacher who would be able to decide what to do ? I find it nearly impossible .
We can check the building fire safety devices  but no more we can see . We can decide to homeschool our kids or just let them go to  their school and hope that they would come home safe and sound .

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