Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Murakami Ego exhibition in Doha 2012

Murakami Ego - exhibition ended yesterday . These pictures were taken in the lobby of the exhibition hall .Kawai textile daisies are covering balls .And you could admire the artists inflated Ego .Inside the exhibition hall we were not allowed to take pictures .There were a lots of paintings where cute cartoon figures were mixed with symbols of death .Both came in large numbers as they were copy pasted and they were flooding our eyes and souls like it floods us in everyday life from tv and other media .Like he was to feature the optical pollution of our era . There was a tent
like a circus tent . Inside the movie theater .Two of his cartoons were shown . The main message of the story was that the manure ( poop) is very important.In the first story it resulted in huge watermelons ... in the second story the city eater robotic monster - which could not be destroyed by the army - went into zen mood then passed stool which was stinking first then it changed into gold and spiritual material .This idea reminds me to Friedensreich Hundertwasser the Austrian artist who had said that the human body fluids are one of the biggest treasure on this planet .
The exhibition was provocative /inspiring /funny /depressing ...I wonder if any millionaire bought his armchair covered with cute daisies . It was   around 200  thousand rial !

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