Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daddy is my hero - what about yours

It's Father's Day today in the US . I have always found  this day strange when I heard about it  in my childhood .As far as I know it is not celebrated in the Middle East ,either .But I found  this day to be a nice occasion for sharing my childhood stories with my readers .
Daddy is my hero - you can read here a real story of my childhood when a wonderful trip was turned into a nightmare and how my father  tried to help me and how much super power he had had suddenly  just to  know me safe and sound .

Please visit   my page if you want to read a nice true story about a young father and his little daughter . I am also interested in other people's story - so if you have one do not hesitate and share it with us on the page .  You can leave links leading to other great dad's stories as well at any time when you read this page .

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