Thursday, July 25, 2013

Squidoo let us down

    The woes  of an online  writer        From time to time I used to  edit /write pages at Squidoo . I heard  something that they are cracking down on spam / duplicate content etc . so I was not worried at all . I do not spam  -my pages are original and if they want less ads from our part - they can tell how many affiliate links were allowed .I can  reedit the page and that  is it .

then I got this  from them " A large number of "nofollowed" links pointing to this lens were found. Avoid linking from blogs or forums where links are nofollowed due to high rates of spam.

Because of the large number of suspicious inbound links on this lens we're locking it. Unfortunately there's no way to fix this problem so the lens will remain locked.

The best advice we can give about suspicious inbound links is to avoid linking from places like forums or blog comments where untrusted links are typically "nofollowed" due to high rates of spam.  "

 Large number of links  pointing to this site ! So far we were advised to leave few links at forums /blogs . Now they say it is not OK  .They close our pages .If I let some links  then they were not spam at all  - they all were related themed and only a few . Now it is called spam by them and our hard work is wasted .

It takes time to write /edit and update and promote those pages . It takes only a minute to delete them .

 Squidoo is in trouble . They lost their high Google ranks with the new algorythm of that big search engine  and they want to get it back .

 I can understand that they want to get rid of the spammy pages  but they are locking and deleting pages which were much praised previously by them .

 Now they write about my pages  "This lens appears to be too commercial, or otherwise low quality "

These lens are personal and original and full of practical information . They gave 100 % on it and wrote on it "Way to go pal !"  plus from time to time they got"blessed by an angel "   by their reviewing system . Now they are thrown out .

I made some money by earning commissions by my 

pages Ieft hundreds of dollars for them  -for they can use it  for charirty . Now they will not get that money . They  cause headache for me  but I will move on to other page where I can set up pages  with clear rules .Plus if any money is made by those pages they do not ask me to leave it with them 'for charity " .

 All of this happened to thousands of online writers . Squidoo you let us down !

Oops! No publishing allowed. This lens is currently locked for a violation of our Terms of Service, as per the email we sent you. You're welcome to a) Grab your content and take it elsewhere, if you'd rather not continue with Squidoo or b) Review your content and make edits here in the Workshop to improve the lens. But you won't be able to Publish the lens live until you can demonstrate that the violation has been addressed. Thanks.

 They say for pages which got 100 % score from them and Way  to go Pal !   Now it is called not original . This is about my own childhood  and my stories .

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