Sunday, July 07, 2013

MY kids questions after returning from summer holidays

Mom - why can we find taxi so easily in Hungary and why is it so difficult in Qatar ,in the richest country in the world ?

Mom -  how comes that Budapest looks so wonderful and well organized full of taxis ,trams , buses ,trolleys when Hungary is a poor country compared to Qatar ?

Well , sweetie money does not buy everything  .

Many people in Hungary work for very little money but they still perform wonderfully though they feel that the  little salary they get is unjust .This is their country and they love it  - they give their experience  knowledge time for a country they love .

In Qatar most of the workers are coming from abroad .This is not their country they are not promised anything just the salary .

Mom -why   are there so many affordable summer camps in Hungary and why summer camps are sooooooooo expensive in Qatar ?

 They might expect the millionaires' kids  mainly ....

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