Monday, July 22, 2013

Marte Deborah Dalelv ordeal - raped ,sentenced , pardoned in Dubai

This story really made me feel sick .There was a young women from Norway ,Marte Deborah Dalelv working  for Al Mana Interiors  ,who was in Dubai for business meeting .She was raped by a co-worker . Then she was sentenced  for 16 months  jail while the attacker  only for 13 months .

 Now she was pardonned . As she had done something wrong .Pardonned !

What is the message of such stories ?  Shut up if you are raped ! Do not report it ! What a great news for sex offenders !

 I feel I must  quote a person who posted his advice in Dohanews

"Always keep your embassy emergency number on you. Thinking contacting the police or lets contact the local who knows people first is a mistake. When it's something very serious contact your embassy.
Keep in mind, in most places police are more keen on getting rid of you and your problem rather than helping you. In Dubai especially. This may have been their fifth rape case of the night. You hear of horror stories in happening Dubai. For them it is easier if they make both parties agree on conceptual sex then investigate a rape. They file a report and let the courts handle it and onto the filing the next report"

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