Saturday, July 20, 2013

Garangao Night in Qatar 2013

As every year Garangao is celebrated in mid-Ramadan in Qatar . That will be the 23rd of July .

You can go to the Katara /Aspire park tent/Royal Plaza?City Center /Ezdan Mall /Landmark /Heritage Village to find activities and entertainment for children .

At the Katara you can show your kids some exhibitions as well .You can have some ice cream /cheap chapati and karak .Actually  they are expecting  thousands of visitors with handicraft corner, old traditional games,puppet theatre, reading corner, art workshop, short story writing . They start the programs at 7 pm with a concert  then a lots of activities will take place at building 12. At the Aspire tent various sport activities competitions /games are in focus .
At the Royal plaza kids can meet cartoon characters . Local children go from house to house of their relatives chanting rhymes and collecting sweets . Rarely other kids do the same -some years ago we had some African kids coming and chanting . We had some sweets for them and some small change .Nowadays they do not come .

Be careful when you let your kids out ! I saw at the weekend a little child rushed to the emergency -after playing outside /running and jumping too much in the heat . My kids were also exhausted -it is difficult to tell them that you should do only moderate activities when they are indoors for most of the time .

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