Thursday, July 25, 2013

Garangao festival at Katara 2013 - review

It is always nice to walk around the Katara .  Last night  even the weather was nicer than usually . Not so  hot and humid as we were walking among  the buildings  with a  bag collecting sweets and nuts .

As we arrived to the first station of gift collecting  there was a big pushing  crowd made up of adults rather than kids . I was shocked  to see  that  wealthy looking people were ready to  go so low for  obtaining some free nuts and sweets .

 The organizers were scared themselves and they escaped back to a building behind them and locked the  doors .

  I think only kids  should be allowed to go for the gifts and they should have  waited in lines for their turn . It is clear like sun  that people  around  here should be trained  on  how to  form  lines  and wait in lines .

So it was a  suitable occasion to train my kids about it . We did not  join the pushing crowd . We walked on and soon we found another gift collecting  point with a few kids only . After they got their gifts and they wished to have a look at  them and  taste them .

So we sat at  the Karak  &Chapati restaurant and we were relaxing .We were served fast . That was something new there .

 After that I wished to see the exhibitions around us : we saw calligpraphy inspired paintings /antique Qu'ran exhibition and photo exhibition of the Qatar Photographic Society .

 Unexpected  , we got  a box of sweets there and a free professional quality photo of  our kids with Garangao baskets .That was so nice of them ! We did not even have to push in a crowd as only few people came into see the exhibition .

 A lots of pretty traditional  Qatari / other Arab folk costumes that the kids were wearing made this event more colorful . The dunes by the Katara were enlightened by star and crescent shaped lights .

All in all it was a nice experience ...

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