Thursday, December 20, 2012

Doomsdays in our Life

I remember a cold November day in 1999 in Hungary .My friend came to see me and she was anxiously talking about the end of the world in 2000 .She was so much worried and I tried to see her point of view . I tried to explain her two things:
1. If the world really comes to its end then there is not much we can do  -useless to worry
2.Calendars are made by humans  - this 2000 is a nice number but it is  totally different in other cultures

 The sad truth is that the  world would go on as it is . And we have to figure out and fight for a  better one .The sad truth  is that the world will not change  -we will be exploited like before /we will have to worry about keeping our badly paid jobs .

Sometimes I feel that people wish in secret the end . That would solve many things -they think.

My mum told me that  in 1959 there was an end of the world panic among villagers as well . The catholic church was the main source of this scare . Some priests even declared that the church service they hold is the last one ...

No wonder that it is coming from them  - they are expert in it . Keeping the masses in fear during  centuries .
Other  fear mongers  are the media who can exploit people's ignorance  very easily .
Other "doomsday" I can remember was the solar eclipse in Hungary . I went out to the nature to witness it in its  full beauty .I saw the sky turning into dark  violet - then the  sun and the moon covering and the  "diamond ring" shape  then I saw the moon so close and so much detailed  that I could imagine that only in films . It was a spiritually uplifting experience .A great thing  -when I returned to our town then I was shocked that some people were crying that it was the sign of the end of the world .I just felt sorry for them ...

Have a Happy December 21 !

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