Wednesday, December 12, 2012

a child drown again

Drowning into the swimming pool .Drowning into the sea . Drowning  into a bucket of water . The leading  cause of death among children in Qatar . Watch out ! Your children might be in danger . The other day a six year old Indian boy drowned into their compound  swimming pool .As  most of the pools  it was without lifeguard without fence . He was seen riding his bike nearby ...  I guess not every case is reported  - but basically every compound  with swimming pool is a danger . Even if you let out your kids just for riding or playing with the other kids .
How many death will teach a lesson and authorities force the compound owners to build a fence and pay a guard ?

Personally I am against these private swimming pools .compound pools . They are too small for the whole compound  /they are usually not clean enough   . I think it would be much better if every district in Doha had its own swimming center for children  for adults   with  hours for ladies only with professional   lifeguards .

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