Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Doctors and errors and the level of HMC

Error is human . No doctor is always right .  But in the last ten years I have  witnessed how the level of  medical workforce  dropped sharply . In my view the main reason  for that is the famous  slogan of this country " If you don't like something you can leave this country "

 Contrary to this belief  it is not easy to find a good specialist at all . This  fact  is reflected in the complaints of many  locals and residents in the Qatar  Radio program . Malpractice ,error .I can tell you  stories from our family . Eight years ago  our toddler slipped in the kitchen and  had a big fall .She fainted and she was unconscious for some minutes . Then every help was given for us at HMC .Observation ,X-ray etc . Four years later another toddler of ours bumped his head seriously - he was even bleeding .But no x- ray , no observation was given .Only a bandage on his wound and such remarks " some kids fall from the second floor and they survive , do not worry "  .... thank you   doctor .. and some kids fall in the room and they happen to die ...we turned to private doctor to be sure that his  skull was not broken .
Another time  one of my relatives went to a private eye -clinic  with pain in the eye . She could see a serious condition at once  when looking into the eyes . The private doctor suggested HMC for eye surgery - as it is nearly free . It is a wonderful thing that the most modern laser  surgeries are made  at nominal fee .But the HMC eye specialist did not see any problem " Your eyes are healthy "  come back after half year . Unfortunately , he believed the  false good news and when  he returned after half year the other specialist was terrified seeing the eye in question and sent him  urgently to  be operated .

For the newcomers : HMC = Hamad Medical Corporation    a government  run  large hospital
 you must have a health card to get services there  ( 100 rial per year )
It has got a lots  of specialists and modern equipment ...  and it is not always working perfectly ...

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