Sunday, December 09, 2012

Being dizzy ? You can wait ....

  This is a true life story  that has happened to me here in Qatar .  A comedy   in four scenes /    scene one
a hot August day  in Doha/Qatar

 the Hungarian woman in Qatar feels very dizzy in the morning  - the slightest position changes causes  nausea  - she is suffering  at home and tries not to move AT ALL

 scene two

 somehow  she  gets  to the Hamad  hospital emergency / her heart is checked - it is OK / her head is shaken very much by a doctora - but she does not feel  dizzier than before  - so the lovely doctora claims that it is her ears that may cause the problem

 she submitted a paper for appointment  -  but she did not think it was an urgent case
  this way  the patient got an appointment with ENT specialist only after 3 months

scene three

 the poor sick woman having suffered  from dizziness  for three days - tries home remedy  -  as her ears  had been mentioned /she is sucking candies and chewing gums  - she is feeling better and better  -  a day after this  home cure dizziness had gone ..

scene four

 the big day of the appointment  came   - the patient goes to the Hammad hospital  out patient clinic -  she tries to renew her health card first -  she is waiting in a  wrong line " this is here just for registration " no sign  at all .. so she is waiting at another window ... only cash  here ( no sign about that either ) ... so she goes to the ATM  she  grabs the cash waits again  for her turn when  she gets her renewed health card  ...    she rushes to the ENT  doctor / she waits again  at a window / she pays for the visit she goes to  another counter  just to learn that she was late and the doctor refuses to see her .The nurses were very nice they tried to persuade the doctor that this is a first time patient who does not know the rules here and who will have to wait a lot for a new appointment .Again 3 months . But the doctor did not accept their reasoning . So she  has to  look for a supervisor  who will stamp a paper and she has to wait again at a window(  for a fifth time  that morning) to get back her  cash ... Now she  should go the   Health Center ( another part  of the city ) and explain  a doctor what has happened to her and to her  appointment  - but she is too tired and anyway - the  dizziness   came and left  three months ago ...she just hopes that it was nothing serious  and in her free time when her children are sleeping she tries and educates herself about home remedies and  she is reading  the personal  accounts  of  other people   who had tried cures that work ...


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