Wednesday, May 16, 2012

water park qatar -ladies only day

My little lad was allowed to enter only because he was under age seven .He enjoyed very much the pool for his age . It was small with shallow water with fancy slides for his size .From every corner elephants were spraying water into . There were three lifeguards inside the pool supervising them .I was just sitting under the trees and watching him .For some reasons I do not trust any lifeguards here  and I prefer watching the kids myself .

My preschooler first did not like the big pirate ship like slides  for the huge bucket in the shape of pirate . In every two /three minutes it poured the water on the steps where  the children were supposed to   go up .So I suggested her the wave pool  shallow part . We were enjoying it very much .She was jumping happily on the waves and shouting "it is Balaton .. mum like Balaton" .Then she was  brave enough  to try the pirate ship slides . When she came down she was all amazed "it is beautifully illuminated inside " like stars on the sky" and she kept sliding down ...

It was dinner time .The park suddenly became crowded .After sunset local  teen girls arrived in large groups .It was not easy to get a meal at the restaurants . We had no choice - only junk food .It was such a great day . I wished to have a gourmet sandwich or a salad /with some kind of premium ice cream . But there   were only fried nuggets .chicken strips , hamburgers .Ice cream of poor quality and all those at double price .I left my small kids with their babysitter sister .I went to swim to deeper water .Though the park was full - it was easy to swim .Most of the teens were interested in huge slides /walking /dancing /sitting by the pools and soaking their feet into the water .I swam into a cave  and enjoyed the jacuzzi there .Then with the kids we tried the lazy river .The slow stream moves  the rubber rings that we were supposed to sit into . Then  my eldest child bought extra tickets for those huge slides -she came down in those tubes which were not illuminated at all  ... total scary darkness ..:) for every age group there was something ...
As we were leaving the park  girls were dancing /sliding /splashing the water ... some carefree mood  I wish there were more places like this in Qatar with more affordable prices .

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eena said...

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