Thursday, May 24, 2012

My long lost parcel from mom was found

The ways of  Q -Post are unpredictable . My mom sent us some gifts last year .Exactly a year ago . We did not get it .It was very big disappointment  for all of us . Then at Xmas time she was hesitating  about  sending us a parcel again . Finally we found out a trick . She would address the parcel to the prestigious institution where one of us works and which belongs to a certain foundation ... and our trick worked , my mum's parcel was here within ten days  :)
We forgot about the old  lost parcel . My mum asked me some days or week ago about the kids size . I did not even have time to measure them . Then  the parcel is already here . Thank you mum for the parcel ! - I called her ....Which parcel ? -she asked astonished - I just posted it this afternoon it can't be that it is already there !
So you can guess that it was the parcel from last year . It arrived !Finally . Though we had to throw the chocolates  and the kids have  grown out the clothes mum sent - but it is here .

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