Sunday, March 05, 2017

CHI -Shaqab -visiting with a kid - my experience

This was not the first time we visited this international horse riding competition with children . We had nice memories about the entertainment for kids and the modern facility .

This time we were truly disappointed by the Kids Zone activities . As we entered we had to pay QAR50 - and we were told that it includes everything . There were two stages for kids entertainment - we came on Friday afternoon and stayed until the evening but we saw no one performance there . Only kids were jumping around .

It seemed that we had to pay for many things : keeping the falcon for 10 seconds for a photo was 5 rials , Qatari food 5 -10 rials , pony riding - oh no at that place my kid gave up seeing the long line - bouncy castles - yes  it will be real fun  and it would have been free if it  hadn't deflated just as we arrived - the air was leaking and it went totally down -luckily no one was hurt but I heard at that time " Mom let's go home - there is nothing fun to do here " it seemed that it was not our lucky day there .

I managed to persuade him to go to the main building and check out the competition /the buffet and the modern facility .Oh Gosh ! We were not allowed to enter because "it was full" . We were forced to sit at the other side of the arena . The competition was nice and we were and even able to see the practicing riders from really close . But we missed all the modern facility !

Going home by taxi was very difficult . Such a big international event and there was no any kind of public transport arranged ! Not even a small taxi station or a waiting area in the parking !I tried to book taxi from there but the operator did not understand where we were .After one hour we found finally a free taxi . Our feet were aching .

I do not think I will visit this place in the near future again with kids . That is sad because it used to be my children's favorite in Qatar . Perhaps smaller kids enjoyed it more  - I saw little children with beautifully painted face and henna . and riding  the pony happily .But they did not have much thing for a preteen .  And I think this is a serious problem in Qatar  when living with kids here -  preteens and teens just do not have many "fun things to do "  .

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