Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Black Pepper restaurant - review

  It is a fine dinning Indian restaurant located at Bin Mahmoud road . It has very strange location  as  this street is rather famous for the cheap eateries   than  for the  haute cuisine .

 We tried the  take away service .  It was easy to order   - the person who took the  order was very happy to serve us , was courteous  and his English was easy to understand . If you order food often in Doha  - like me -  then you must know this is not always the case here!

 We like the Zaoq restaurant - North Indian style dishes . But it is far   - so we were happy to explore this place . We ordered a Rogan Josh - it was explained on the  menu what to expect : " Classic boneless cubes of lamb in brown onion curry "   We were very much pleased with it . It was 55 rials and  a naan was 7 .

  Reading the reviews I see that everyone is happy with this place   and they mention  the friendly staff , the nice atmosphere , the real Mughal taste .

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