Saturday, March 18, 2017

New Indian Schools to Open next year

Qatar has a large Indian expat community .The parents prefer sending their kids to Indian schools . School seats for the Indian children living in Qatar are simply not enough . MES is one of the largest school .It has currently 8000 students when the its buildings were designed for  5000 students  only -  the same goes for Ideal Indian School with 6000 students instead of 2800  .

 New Indian schools are needed very much .An official of the Education ministry promised new Indian Schools for 2017/18 year . But no more details about them .
As the Indian School Year starts traditionally not in September but in April  - it looks like that many Indian kids  in Qatar will be out of  formal education .

No wonder that online schools are advertising themselves intensely  at social pages nowadays . Home schooling is not unknown for Qatar expat community ,  either .


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