Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Remote Control Cockroach Roach bug

I love the self-irony of the Japanese . It seems that they have a cockroach problem in their country especially in the countryside ... Now instead of denial they made a robotic version of their pest and sell it and they play with it ... this is how they advertise it ..."They say that everything's small in Japan. Well, everything except the roaches, known in Japan as gokiburi. Yep, come summer the country is literally crawling with them and they are big, black and mean critters. So, what better creature to turn into a remote control toy, you might ask! Well, that's what JTT has done!"

It was ten years ago that I saw the first cockroach in my life . I know that they are spread all over the wordl but somehow I  had been lucky enough not to meet any before ... I heard the there are some in the city  of  Budapest but even there I did not see any ..   I guess that in the eighties  when I was living there the pest control was highly organized .Then we moved to Qatar . The first thing that I saw  in the middle of the room was this insect -it was dead . With  my child we believed that it is a cricket  and we felt sorry for it ....then we learned that we have to fight them ...  you can find a lots of sound advice here about this fight . When I go home to Hungary my mom wonders why I  follow her to the kitchen and cover every dish so nervously ....

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