Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Nipah virus in India - banned fruit import in Qatar and other countries

So far seventeen people were killed by the Nipah virus in India .😲 This deadly virus comes from fruit bats who pee on the fruits 🍏 , bite them and leave their saliva on the trees and fruits .

 Qatar and many other countries in  the region banned the fruit and vegetable import from India .

 The travel to Kerala is  not recommended .

 Good luck to all of us  .!  I bought on Saturday some mango from the Spar supermarket in Doha .I washed them very well - thinking that it might be infected only by the bat's urine . I did not know about the bites . It might take  five  - ten days  after the contact with the virus that symptoms start to appear .

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Symptoms of the virus include ; fever, headache, drowsiness ,flu like symptoms , mental confusion leading to coma .Inflammation of the brain and death in 24–48 hours .

Death rateπŸ’€ is very high 50 to 75% ! Pets can be also infected so do farm animals especially pigs .

CALL THIS NUMBER AT ANY TIME The transitional diseases team in the Ministry of Public Health receives reports and queries relating to transitional diseases around the clock on the numbers

66740948 or 66740951

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