Sunday, June 24, 2018

French cafes in Qatar


 I think this is the most popular one . Almost always full .It is a typical  boulangerie  with no one French employees or someone who has ever learned French . So if you did then try to forget it and go with the trend here  - French words pronounced the English way with heavy Tagalog accent .😅

I wrote a review about it before the Villaggio fire .
Since then a lots of of other PAUL cafe opened - the Mirqab Mall branch is the latest - I  think .

I loved their soups  served with their home made breads - however one of my tooth broke once when I bit their  baguette . These artisanal  breads got  their own danger .
I loved their salmon salads and the raspberry tart , their flans and macarons .Everything used to be so good there . But they changed their menu and cancelled their soups and salads .So I really do not know what to recommend .Omelettes , quiches , sandwiches fill their menu pages nowadays - which sounds boring to me .


long time ago we had a  coffee here with some bites - it was then at the City Center Mall - who can remember that  ❔There was a time when  it was a political statement to sit there . That was during the war in Iraq when the French  were against the war . Then it was packed with Arabs of all nations . The American café on the opposite side of the mall used to be empty . Then things changed . So many conflicts came to the Middle East and the French government changed as well .  Fauchon became just one of the posh French cafes .
Then it moved from the malls to a ring road then some years ago it moved  again to a mall called ROYAL plaza .First I was happy as sometimes I visit this mall for its cheap amusement  park  and art deco cinemas .But when I saw the prices of this French  café then I  understood that this is the place where I come for see and enjoy and not to eat .A sandwich with halloumi cheese is 75 QAR-  that is more than  20 USD .Just to compare ;  a cheap sandwich at the American fast food chain is 4 QAR. Qatar has got a lots of rich people to keep this café open . However when they go abroad on vacation then this place is nearly empty .


 It brings back nice memories . This is the place where we liked buying mini cakes and sandwiches for potluck parties when the Hungarian expats met yearly .Also this place is our number one choice for birthday cakes . And finally I used to visit the branch at the hospital area while expecting . Waiting for my turn at the clinics was much more fun in the company of some mini cakes . 😃

The branch at the Mall has nice dinning area s well .


L'eau De Café

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