Monday, June 26, 2017

Manhole accident at Wukair - six year old boy dies

 It happened again ! And the same scenario  - family  dines out  and a kid goes missing then they found out too late that he fell in an uncovered manhole !

It happened in Wukair  on the eve of Eid -al Fitr ! 


 In fact  it is very difficult to save someone from a  manhole -  even when  they notice at once that  someone fell into . They are 5 .5 meter deep !

Four years ago another little Indian boy died when walking just some meters ahead of his family . Someone even went down risking his own life  - but the boy fell in coma and later died in hospital .

Another little boy died in the center of Doha  some years ago while his family was dinning -  the little expat  Arab boy fell into an uncovered manhole right in front of the restaurant .

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