Monday, June 26, 2017

Numbers in Qatar - more than 400 patients at Emergency

 It is just the usual overeating at Eid-al Fitr , at the festival after Ramadan .

 It is just ironic  as some Egyptian TV channel  spread the fake news that we are starving in Qatar .

No one case was too serious luckily  -but myself I saw kids throwing up at two different restaurants  we had dinner at .   It  really spoils the dinner ! At least we did  not overeat for sure ! But we chose a certain place at the Lagoona Mall because  they have large area with slides for kids . After my kid was playing for 20 minutes  I called him for diner  then I found he was trapped  . A child vomited at the exit of the slides  blocking the way  and the cleaning staff was very slow .After dinner he returned to play just to see that the slides themselves were dirty too . But the cleaning staff just answered " do not use it " and that is all ....

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