Saturday, October 15, 2016

Expat Indian man dies right after a felicitation speech in Doha Hotel

It must have been a shocking and traumatizing experience  . It happened in an unnamed hotel of Doha  that the prestigious Dolphin Energy company's employee participated in  a farewell party . The 42 year old Indian man held a speech for those  fellow expats who were about to leave  Qatar for good . After the speech he died .

 What a tragedy !
Especially , that there were a lots of advertisement recently about the symptoms of  coming heart attack .For people would be aware !

 It reminds me that less than a half year ago my child  lost his much beloved teacher . She was just 39 and nobody suspected  that she had any problem with her health until the last two days of her life .It is still painful  for me and for my little son as well .

 Here in Qatar the male residents tend to get heart attacks  before the age of 55 . It is not well understood why . Too many fast food restaurants , over-eating in buffet dinners or some kind of air pollution ?The population of the  country is mixed  and a study should be needed where expats' life expectancy is compared to their relevant home country's conditions .

 My sincere sympathy  to the  Indian family  who lost their loved one .

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