Wednesday, October 31, 2012

a lots of kids ill during Eid

 I read in  the local daily that  around 3300  cases were treated during the  first two days of Eid holiday .They  catch cold  and get asthma or gastroenteritis .I feel really sorry for those families and children who spent the holidays  in bed suffering from high temperature and bad cough  and I feel I must share with you what we had been through .
 Around 1 and half year ago our preschooler got ill over and over again . One week he is OK then he got this upper respiratory track infection again . It came with very high fever and he had suffered a  lot .  The antibiotics took his appetite and he looked like a stick figure  ... he was so thin .
Whenever we went to the Paediatric Emergency Center at Al-Sadd they told me very kindly /smiling that it was normal  -kids fall ill often when they are small ...
Somehow my motherly instinct said that it was not normal . Struggling with those diseases some months -we gave up asking help from PEC Al_sadd  and  turned to  a private doctor . We just chose randomly a place not too far  from our home  ...The doctor was very sympathetic  -and he understood quickly our problem .He advised us  to give up  regular milk from the supermarket and try a formula  made specially for his age .And behold  -it helped . Our little guy   did not catch any infection for months .... the quality of his life changed so much that he started to show outstanding abilities in some fields which shocked everyone ... He had been our smart little guy before   but becoming almost disease free he developed  mentally  at an incredible pace .  Then I told to myself "why should we have to accept recurring disease  as an unchangeable  fact of life ?" I think that we have to look for solutions when  some ailments attacks so badly  our little children ? I do not understand why doctors    think that it s OK to be  sick so often ...perhaps they see so many serious illness that a mother's complaint about recurring upper respiratory track infection is just  a ridiculous  concern
We are living in such a crazy world that the special milk powder is healthier than the fresh milk from cows . At least that was the thing that we have experienced ..Our bigger child had suffered a  lot from heavy coughs at night . When she had given up dairy products and milk at least for the afternoon  then those nasty night coughs stopped .(touch the wood)

Nowadays we rarely go to the doctor .  I try to arrange our daily life in a way  that they spend some time on the sun .
It protects one from the infections very well .And a lots of vitamin C from fresh food .

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