Wednesday, February 15, 2017

National Sports Day 2017 - my experience

It was not the best Sports Day of my life . It was raining  and the programs outside were cancelled . We visited the Education City  as  the previous years we had nice experience  there .

We found out that there was not much to do for kids there  . However we played bowling ,billiards  , walked in the Oxygen Park   and had healthy lunch at the food court of the  Student's Center . Most of the programs were shifted to the Shaqab and there were no buses available   Though the previous years  there were free QF buses running between the Education City and Shaqab . Walking was not allowed -as we  were informed at the gates of this horse riding facility  .
Also I found strange that 10  rials had to be payed for the bowling per person . Not big thing just the previous years it was free .

  There were a good number of families turning up in the EC   and after all we did not mind that the crowd was somewhere else .Just  the atmosphere was not festive at all to me .

 The illuminated Oxygen Park  was really wonderful  sight ! And it was full of oxygen -after the rain !

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