Sunday, January 22, 2017

Samudra Pavak - the Indian ship is coming to Qatar

When : from January 24 to 28

Where : Hamad Port

What to expect : a friendly visit to Qatar which comes in conjunction with India's 68th Republic Day celebrations

Samudra Pavak Quick facts : Pollution Control Vessel (PCV)

Designed and made in India

built by ABG Ship Yard

etimology : Samudra Pavak=Purifier of the Seas

it has 15 officers and 99 other personnel

94-metre long

technology used : Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS), Dynamic Positioning System (DP System), Power Management System (PMS), External Fire Fighting System (EFF) and Pollution Control Equipment

pollution response and control equipment like :High Sprint Booms and River Booms,

recovery equipment' like skimmers and Side Sweeping Arms

'storage devices' like ORO tanks

Inflatable Barges

spraying equipment' like Retractable Spill Spray System and Aerial Spray System (TC-3)

it can operate helicopters from its deck

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