Sunday, December 04, 2016

Top Arab leaders coming to Doha - Be prepared for traffic jams

Some top Arab leaders are to come today to Doha . Be prepared for blocked traffic due to VIP convoys . Even yesterday the Corniche  road area was already blocked .
I found no official warnings about which road to avoid on the MOI twitter account / but there is a talk on social media that  The Corniche area will be blocked from 2  pm .

  I just wonder if it is true how the school buses can bring home our kids ?


 My kids arrived one hour later than expected  . I do not understand local authorities  . They should have warned the schools  and early release  should have been mandatory .

 This way it is too much frustration . For those too who  are getting home from work  as well .A  usual 40 minute ride took my husband 3 hours to come home from work !

 From the Gulf Times article I see that we were lucky  - at least compared to other kids who got stuck on their school buses for 4 hours ! It must have been horrible - little  children and can not use the bathroom for so long  !
It was not something unexpected natural disaster . It was easy to foresee that if main roads will be blocked around the time of returning school buses  then  the kids will not be brought home on time .

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