Monday, December 05, 2016

Doha News is blocked

Doha News is an online news blog started in March 2009 by two American journalists, Shabina Khatri and Omar Chatriwala.[2] It is based in Qatar and provides its readers with daily reports on breaking domestic and international news stories.

 They are blocked now . Nobody understands why . Some people think they were too much critical . Some people think they were brave .

I think  they  had some great articles but they were generally quite boring .They were posting even when there was nothing interesting to post about . Three times a day .To satisfy google robots  and get indexed . They were also advertising themselves heavily .

 One thing is sure  - this ban on them is an excellent promotion . Now Al -Jazeera and BBC is writing about them ! For free !

 If I were a conspiracy theorist I would say that was a plot to make them better known  ! 

 In case it  was not a plot then  I really feel with the writers ! Investing eight years in writing a blog then being banned all of a sudden and not even informed about the causes ! It is simply not fair !

It has terrible effect on other writers who will be afraid  that they will be the next .  It will cause self -censored articles . A fearful atmosphere ! Bad image about the country in all !

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