Wednesday, February 06, 2013

souq waqif -spring festival doha 2013

Spring festival ... how nice ! My kids happen to have  spring holidays .I can take them to a dolphin show !  I can't believe it!Magic show  ! The favorite of my four grader ... other events seem  to be extraordinary as well .Like  human canon ball ,bungee  jump ,thrilling air drive ,smurf's kids village .They promise live theater shows, carnival rides and many other amazing surprises, as well as daily concerts and folk band performances.

It is not clear  which  event  needs ticket  and how to buy . I plan to update  here  -as soon as I get information .

Date: Feb 7 - 21, 2013
Location: Souq Waqif

UPDATE : the free events started around four and six pm - they included magician show /African acrobats /traditional dances / brass band with bagpipe band

the tickets for the dolphin show can be bought from today or tomorrow at the ticket office near the Gold souq - 25 rial for kids 50 for adults - at least this was the information I got at the souq's information center

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