Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dolphin and seal show in Doha spring festival -review

It is more than 15 years now that I saw a seal show in Austria . They were amazing ,playful ,cheerful animals and they touched my heart .This  seal show in Doha included two seals only  and perhaps ten minutes .They were lovely but  I expected something more .

 The real stars   were the dolphins here . During 40 minutes  they were entertaining us . They played with balls ,with rings and swam with their tamers . The young man was very brave - the dolphins pushed him up  in the air or pushed him  ashore .These are quite heavy creatures and  it was frightening to see how they  threw this man out of the pool . The  show was what you expect from a circus . No more no less .

Tickets were sold just before the show .It went very slowly . I wish they sold in advance  as well .It was difficult to find the place and find out the info about buying a ticket .

 P. S. there was a strange incident during the show .. a bird flew very fast  very close  to us then suddenly changed its direction in a sharp angle and flew away but it came back minimum three times .. what the heck it might have been ? It made the same with the audience of the opposite site .Was it a real bird ?

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