Monday, November 12, 2012

Hungarian Film at DTFF 2012

Just the Wind (Csak a Szél)

This Hungarian film drama is about a series of shocking acts of racially motivated violence in 2008 -09 .It will be Hungarian speaking with English and Arabic subtitles .

The screening is :Mon, Nov 19, 09:30 The Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium
Wed, Nov 21, 09:30 PM,

When I read this I was less happy than before . The screenings are too late .No way for me to go out and watch a film on a week day . The film is about the suffering of the Roma people in Hungary .And while it was true that there was a merciless criminal group murdering six innocent Roma people in 2008-09 - I guess it got already prizes in Berlin because it shows all the Hungarians as heartless racist people . The Roma appear in the film only as innocent victims . This is what internationally expected when speaking about the topic . This is the way to get prizes - and the director got what he wanted .

The only question remains in me who and when will be brave enough to make a film on the truth showing the life in Hungary from this and that point of view . When a film maker will be brave enough to show how much  for example the teachers struggle with their Roma students to rise them up and what they get in return many times only violence ( yes beaten teachers became commonplace  - I know personally teachers) . When the filmmaker will be brave enough to show how the Roma people's leaders misslead their own people -and instead of encouraging them to study and work they are encouraged to shout and scream on TV showing themselves as victims and they make them believe that it will be enough to survive in the 21th century .

This film did not touch any taboo question - just tells a story in a manner that it is expected . It must be politically correct otherwise it won't be screened .

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