Monday, September 13, 2010

So the Eid is over . At least my husband had to go to work .It is still very hot . So we had organized indoor programs . So did the other 1 .6 million people in the country .But we were not surprised . Crowds everywhere . It is just Eid . Not a catastrophe .The special offer rush at Lulu was a little bit too much to handle . We saw an ad about lap tops . Special offer . We arrived at Lulu at 5 to 5 .. Others saw the ads as well .There was a large crowd in front of the mall . Most of them labourers . I do not think that they have no right to enter .They should have a place . And it is Lulu .I felt we were the intruders .We wished to get to the desired item to check it out - but there were too many people staring at them ..reading the details and dreaming .It was hard job to get it then to arrive to the cashier and to pay then to go out from the LuLu. I thanked God that family days exist at other malls .
We took the kids to ice rinks ,amusement parks . We  went to Sealine . Jammed roads .Arriving late at slow pace . The rescue helicopter had just landed near us . We just hoped that it was precaution and everybody survived the holidays .( It reminded me M7 the motorway to lake Balaton .)Being late there we could not see the blue sea -but we saw at night a very special thing in the sky . The moon and the Day Star were in very special constellation .Very close to each other . I kept taking photos - but I do no think that I managed to capture the thing .

While we were eating out we heard Hungarian talk .My kids were all excited but I was too tired to check those people out . I am always happy to meet nice , simple intelligent people . I   am just  tired by many bad experiences in the past eight years.Somebody reading this might think that I am a terrible person .I have a lots of very good friend in Hungary and a few in Doha . I had met in Doha before Hungarian people who are able to hold conversation on their four wheelers and similar topics during hours - speaking Hungarian with a lots of mistake ( an being proud of their ignorance ) and not speaking really any other language thus not being able to understand what is going on around them  but judging very harshly other nations living here . Many of my fellow Hungarians are real Mezga Geza and Paula . I would have never thought before that there was so much truth in that cartoon ...

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