Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Eau de cologne and the new Qatari law

 I was really astonished  when I read about the  new plan  to  restrict    the    import and selling of some  eau de cologne   containing   some kind of alcohol .... The reason for that  was " because  some people  drink  it "

 I think it is  ridiculous .  Those who want to   destroy themselves  can find new ways  for that : cough medicines , glues , paint solvents , shoe polish     mixing , inhaling   swallowing terrible things  not designed for human  consumption .

    The trend of self  destruction can not be stopped   this way .

 If only it was  that simple !  I would support  the cause . This way  only  we might not find our favorite  scent on the shelves . And the folks  who  had had it before   would be   using another substance .

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